Microbiological Sampling


Microbiological Sampling is the testing of ductwork to see whether there is microbiological growth within the ductwork. The most common way of carrying out this test is using ‘dipco’ slides, which are pressed against the ductwork on both sides of the slide and then put back into the container supplied. These slides are then sent back to the lab on a next day delivery service and incubated. Once the slides have been incubated the colonies that have grown on the slides are counted and it is established whether there is low medium or high levels of microbial growth. Microbial testing is suggested under CIBSE TM26 as the correct method for analysis of microbial growth.
Microbiological test image
Microbiological sampling is predominantly carried out in ventilation systems that serve public buildings such as hospitals, education facilities, offices and food manufacturing facilities. The objective is to identify the presence of potentially harmful microbiological contamination in ductwork systems and give an indication of the overall cleanliness of the system. Excess moisture and warm conditions, combined with poor hygiene of ductwork, could lead to the growth of harmful pathogenic microorganisms.

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