Microbiological Dip Slides


Product Description

Dip Slides for the carrying out of Microbiological testing.

Product information

Dip Slides for carrying out Microbiological analysis as per CIBSE TM26. Cost includes the cost of the slide and the lab analysis.

Samples are taken from areas within the duct so that cultures can be grown and identified. It is important that once the samples have been collected they are sent to the laboratory immediately on a 24-hour postal service – the samples need to be incubated as soon as possible so that the colony growth can be expedited in order to return reliable results within a reasonable timeframe.

Failure to return samples promptly will inevitably result in unreliable data being collected and thus an inaccurate representation of contamination levels being reported. This could pose a serious risk to health and safety so it is imperative to return samples as soon as possible.