PVT Cassettes


Product Description

Cassettes for the carrying out of PVT testing.

Product information

Cassettes for carrying out PVT Testing as per BS15780 (recommended 3 tests per 50m of ductwork). Cassette cost included the cost of the cassette and the lab analysis.

Once weighed, the results are cross referenced against table 2 in BS15780 which gives the acceptable dust level for ductwork whether that is supply or extract ductwork or low medium or high classification. If the level of dust is above the level stated in this table then the ductwork is in need of cleaning.

We produce pre-weighed samples that have unique identification labels attached to each cassette, which are issued by our independent laboratory.

The preferred vacuum test samples are used to assess ductwork cleanliness in accordance with BS EN 15780 and TR19 guidance.

Table 2 of TR19 lays out the acceptable levels of dust accumulation in ductwork systems. This method requires on-site sample collection and subsequent off-site laboratory analysis. It determines the mean deposit weight in grams per square metre and is suitable for circular, flat-oval and rectangular duct types. This method is recommended by BS EN 15780 and applies to three cleanliness quality classes (for ventilation systems).