Preferred Vacuum Test Machine


Product Description

Preferred Vacuum Testing machine to carry out PVT Testing

Product information

The test pump carries out PVT sampling measuring surface deposits of dust within ductwork and is the most suitable method for pre and post-cleaning verification for all HVAC systems and ductwork. PVT capsules are not included and are sold separately.

Artwork for the cases to be provided, should custom branding be required. We will contact you to arrange this after purchase.

The preferred vacuum test method is advised in BS EN 15780, as well as TR19, as the most suitable method for post clean verification of HVAC systems. The pump is used to perform preferred vacuum test (PVT) sampling with a vacuum test capsule. The capsule is then sent in to our independent laboratory for weighing and analysis. Capsules are sold separately to the vacuum test pump. PVT sampling is also used for HVAC system inspection to assess whether cleaning is required. All capsules should be sent off to our laboratory along with an analysis request form which will include all of the relevant project details for the laboratory.

The flow meter supplied with the duct cleanliness vacuum test pump should be used to calibrate the pump before each use. The pump should draw 15L/min of air through the PVT capsule in order to comply with BS EN 15780 testing procedure.

Testing procedure is detailed in the BS EN 15780 legislation, this document is available to purchase from BSI here.